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Fluidisation with porous aluminum.

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Mixing, drying, chilling etc. powder / granular materials requires converting them from a static, solid state to a dynamic, liquid-like state in a process named Fluidisation, when air is passed up through the powder medium.

Products made of porous aluminum will be used as floor plate in a fluidisation-system.

Porous aluminum is a permeable metal with an absolutely consistent distribution of pores. Plane, smooth surfaces allow a consistent distribution of the air and thus an absolutly plain fluidisation of granular materials.

Depending on your request, we manufacture products made of porous aluminum with filter degrees 5µm to 250µm.

Porous and non-porous parts are casted together. Threads or Flanges enable a simple installation in the fluidisation system. Our products are extremely firm and resistant against deformation thanks to cast structure.

Simple cleaning by backwashing, mechanical and chemical cleaning.

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