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Aluminum casting with crystal salt.
Brilliant solutions are often simple.

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Porous aluminum is a high porosity metal which is permeable over the entire surface. Aluminum is casted together with crystal salt into the desired shape before the salt is washed out. The salt grains and their contact points are thus replaced by pores. This is how porous aluminium is produced.

The production method has been specifically developed and patented:

  • Aluminum is casted together with salt (NaCl) into any required shape and size
  • Mechanical post-processing
  • After cooling salt will be washed out

For the manufacturing of porous aluminium we use salt crystals with different sizes. In that way products with different pore sizes / filter degrees will obtained. For more information regarding pore sizes / filter degrees please click here.

For the manufacturing of porous aluminium we do not use any cost-intensive pressing moulds as sinter technology needs, but an usual casting mould. Our products made of porous aluminum have – thanks to innovative and relative simple manufacturing technology – an excellent quality-price ratio.

The relatively simple casting process is followed by the machining. Thus you become products with broad range of all possible designs, shapes and sizes.

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