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Compressed air mufflers, pneumatic silencers.
Noise reduction even at high temperatures.

sintered pneumatic silencers by high working temperatures noise reduction material metal pneumatic exhaust muffler silencer noise-insulation-metal-foam-pneumatic-components sintered bronze pneumatic muffler individual

Porous aluminum is a high porosity noise insulation material / metal. Silencers made of porous aluminum serve for noise reduction / absorbtion for instance in pneumatic systems. When escaping from the pneumatic device into the atmosphere, compressed air causes noise levels that are unpleasant and unhealthy. This problem is solved if the air leaves the pneumatic device via a silencer/muffler.

Technical data and additional information
 Noise reduction  of 20-25 dB(A) and more depending on the design
 Operating temperature      from -60°C to +400°C
 Operating pressure  up to 25 bar
 resistant against deformations
 high durability
 Volume porosity  up to 60%
 high permeability and dirt-holding capacity
 Fastening element  made of full-aluminium, cast in one peace together with the silencer
 extremely firm thanks to cast structure
 no housing is required
 for direct mounting on a pneumatic component
 Cleaning, maintenance  simple cleaning by backwash, mechanical and chemical cleaning
 Functioning principle  The acoustic energy is reduced if the exhaust air flows through
 the porous structure of the silencer.
 Application  where exhaust air is blown out of the pneumatic systems
 - pneumatic facilities
 - pneumatic drives
 - press-forging plants, press and foundry devices
 - shoot-silencers
 - combustion engines (petroldriven saws, lawnmowers, etc.)

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