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Porous aluminium ≠ sintered aluminium

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porous aluminium vs. sintered metal

Porous aluminum has a porous structure which is different from the structure and the manufacturing technology of sintered metals.

Aluminum is casted together with crystal salt into the desired shape before the salt is washed out. The salt grains and their contact points are thus repleaced by pores.
In the case of sintered metals, the metal grains will be sintered together. The void between the granules defines the pores.

Therefore, both materials are just the opposite. Where sintered metalls have a metal grains, porous aluminum has pores.

Porous metals play an important role in modern technology. Filters and filter elements, journal bearings, silencers, fire breaks etc. of various metal powders are manufactured according to the method of powder metallurgy (powder metallurgy materials), the so-called sintering technology (sintered metal).

Permeable materials with high stability and high volume porosity produced by sintering technology are usually made of bronze, copper and steel.

Aluminum has equally high heat conduction and electrical conductivity properties but also low density and good corrosion resistance, thereby offering several advantages over bronze, copper and steel. However, it is difficult to produce porous materials from aluminum with sintering technology.

The following problem arises in the production of sintered aluminum: Aluminum powder reacts quickly and oxidizes the aluminum grains with non-melting oxide Al2O3. The temperature, at which the oxide wrapping dissolves, is somewhat higher than the melting temperature of aluminum. This temperature also depends on the size of the aluminum grains and the thickness of the oxide layer. Although in theory there are several methods for solving this problem, it is not yet possible to produce aluminium products with high volume porosity and adequate strength by the technology of sintering.

We provide a solution – Porous Aluminum.

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