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Broad range of dimensions and pore sizes.

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The cylinder made of porous aluminium and the thread made of solid aluminum are casted in one piece, which simplified the entire construction and increase the strength.

Filter grade from 5 to 250 µm according to your needs; for more info please click here.

Order-Nr. ThreadD (mm)d (mm)L (mm)L1 (mm)L0 (mm)
G 1/8" G 1/8" 1044037
G 1/4" F G 1/4" 1572848
G 1/4" G 1/4"1485537
G 3/8" G 3/8"17980410
G 1/2" F G 1/2" 2314,44249
G 1/2" G 1/2"2113104414
G 3/4" G 3/4"2717125516
G 1" G 1"3925110715
G 1" x 177 G 1"4125177811,5
G 1 1/2" G 1 1/2"4436190415
G 2" G 2"7260200627
G 1/40 G 1/40"3925185715

Please indicate in your inquiry products in which of 6 filter grades / pore sizes do you need. To quickly test the different filter grades / pore sizes you can try our samples. For more information please click here.

Because of the wide range of shapes, sizes and filter grades also standard products will be manufactured according to individual customer requests. If one of our standard products is not quite suitable for your application, we produce products tailored to your individual needs. For more information please click here.

Cylinder made of porous aluminium and thread made of solid aluminum are used as silencers, filters and filter elements, flame arresters and for many other applications. Porous aluminum - an option to sintered metal and metal foam.

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Please contact us, we will be happy to assist you.